Bids Are Invited For Brooms (Q4) , Dishwashing Products-Is 6047 (Q4) , Air Freshener (Q4) , Insecticides For Mosquitoes Cockroaches And Other Insects (Liquid Vaporizer And Spray) (Q3) , Plastic Buckets-Is 3730 (Q4) , Toilet Paper Rolls-Is 14461 (Q4) , Domestic Mugs-Bathroom (Q3) , Waste Containers Or Rigidliners- Dust Bin Or Garbage Bin Or Household Bin-Is 12402(Q3) , Squeeges Or Washers- Wipers-Mopper (Q3) , Floorcleaners (Q4) , Non Metallic Baskets-Cane Basket-Is 3053(Q3) , Dinner Set (Q4) , Tea Set (Q4) Total Quantity : 696

Tender Notice


Bhakra Beas Management Board



March 14, 2022

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