Bids Are Invited For Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Hand Wash (Q3) , Floor Cleaners (Q4) , Toilet Cleaners Liquid (Q4) , Dishwashing Products-Is 6047 (Q4) , Cleaning Duster-Is:174 (Q4) , Alcohol Based Hand Rub/Hand Sanitizer (Q3) , Glass Cleaner, Liquid As Peris:8540 (Q4) , Insecticides For Mosquitoes Cockroaches Andother Insects (Liquid Vaporizer And Spray) (Q3) , Airfreshener (Q4) , Broom (Version 2.0) (Q4)Years Of Past Experience Required For3 Year (S)Same/Similar Service Total Quantity : 112

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Indian Army



June 14, 2022

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