Find The Latest Bids On Punjab’s Providing & Installing deep tubewell And pump operator.

Providing & Installing deep tubewell And pump operator.

Get the latest Digital Signature Certificate – DSC for eTenders & eProcurement on tender details, Tender In Punjab’s latest bid information for the Water Supply And Sanitation Department, Augmentation of Water supply scheme in village Rajewala Khuh (OH/FC), Block Tarn Taran, Distt. Tarn Taran. Under PRWSSIP Sub component 1A(iii)/JJM. (DWSS-W-DIV09-9504-1) Part-“A” Providing & Installing deep tubewell 150 mm i/d straight 150 mtr depth with 10 mtr stainless strainer with hand boring, Depth 150 mtr, Pumping machinery, Chlorinator, const. Pump Chamber size 2.20×2.20 mtr & Gravel Pit, Construction of one No. OHSR 15 KL capacity having height 15.50 mtr up to FSL, including the cost of the inlet, outlet, overflow and scour and vertical pipe, CI duck foot bends, expansion joints, puddle collar, lightning conductor, earthling, MS steel ladder of tank portion staircase with G.I pipe Aluminum ladder inside OHSR, scour/overflow sluice valves and making a connection with rising main and distribution pipeline, All civil works, supplying and laying PVC pipes, sluice vales and special for rising main and distribution system, etc. House hold connection, Development of waterworks, etc. including the cost of carriage of material, complete in all respects. Part:-“B” Operation & Maintenance of entire water supply scheme including pump operator cum chowkidar, lawns with fine grossing & ornametal plants with manure & watering, etc. for three months after completion at waterworks site, sodium Hypocholride solution for Disinfecting (Cost for three months).


The last date of submission of this tender is 24-06-2021.

The estimated Tender Value is INR 25.75 Lakhs /-.

More details are available on TDR:28232114.

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