Invites Tender For Camera For Cctv System In Punjab

Invites Punjab Tender for camera For Cctv System , Video Recorder For Cctv System- Is 9000 , Professional Large Format Display , Fibre Cable For Networking , Layer 2 Access Switch , Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver , Cables Suitable For Cctv System (Accessories) , Junction Box For Lighting, Online Ups-Is:9000 , Pvc Copper Cable (Heavy Duty), Type: C Pvc Compound, Category: 01 As Per Is:1554 (Part 1) , Networking/Serverrack , Supply & Installation Of Pole / Mast Suitable For Cctvsystem (Accessories) , Installation & Commissioning charges For Cctv Cameras (Accessories) , Laying &Installation Charges For Cables (With Or Without Conduit)Suitable For Cctv System(Accessorminimum Average Annual Turnover Of The10 Lakh (S)Bidderoem Total Quantity: 6968 .

Contract Value of this Tender is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

This tender needs to be submitted on or before 26-04-2021 at Punjab

More information can be availed from TDR:27664158, Tender 247

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