Pump Chamber Tenders In Punjab

Notice inviting tenders are published by Water Supply And Sanitation Department for PUMP CHAMBER Construction of Pump Chamber size 3.05mX3.70m with W.C, with gravel pit & electric wiring complete in all respect.PUMPING MACHINERY\nProviding & Installing Testing & Commissioning of one No. Electrically driven Submersible Pumping set of reputed make capable of delivering 442 LPM against a head of 50mtr along-with electric panel board consisting of the electric appliance. GSP such as automatic Starter, Main Switch. Volt Meter, Ampere Meter, ELCB, Shunt Capacitor, Single Phase Preventer, Indicating Lamps, MVB/MCCBs, etc. including M.S. Column Pipe of suitable size 48 m (in 3 m Lengths each with flanges, screwed and welded on both sides) rubber gaskets, nuts and bolts submersible cable (of reputed make) complete in all respects.As per ISI 1239-2004.

The estimated Tender Amount is 63.68 Lakhs

the due date for bid submission is 16-03-2021.

For more information, you can visit TDR:27178311

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