Supply of E Rickshaw For Carrying Goods ( 1 pieces )

National Fertilizers Limited (nfl) : Bathinda, Punjab

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Brand Type:  Registered Brand
  • Certification Parameters: Vehicle Certification-  ICAT

Generic Parameters: Type of E Cart-  Fully Electric, Battery Operated Motor Driven for Carrying Goods, Kerb Weight of E- Cart (kg) – Any applicable numeric value,  Goods Carrying Capacity (kg):  300.0, 310.0, Run

  1. Distance ( for a Full Charge of Battery , to be tested with full load at maximum AIS-040 (km): 50 – 9999999,  Ground Clearance as per IS : 9435 – 200,  Wheel Base (mm)- Any applicable numeric value, Turning Radius (mm)-  Any applicable numeric value,  Power Transmission from Motor Shaft to Wheels: Direct Mounting, Chain, Sprocket Type, Other Mechanical Mechanisms,  Type of Battery as per AIS-048:  Lead Acid , EV Grade , Tubular Deep Discharge,  Capacity of the Battery approved by ICAT/ARAI (Ah); 0 – 9999999,  Battery Voltage ,Nominal – 48V, Nominal Filled Weight of the Battery (kg) – Any applicable numeric value,  Battery Charger : 220/230 V Nominal Input Voltage , High Efficiency Type,  Charging Current (A) – Any applicable numeric value, Type of Motor – Brushless DC Motor, Motor Output Power ,48V/60V at Full Load (watt) : 850 – 2000,  Overall Efficiency of the E Cart to be tested at Full Load with maximum speed as per Concerned AIS standards (%) : 75 – 100,  Grade ability of E-cart to be tested at full procedure as per AIS -003 Load (Degree):  Any applicable numeric value,  Thickness of Material of Sheet used for Roof of E-Cart (mm) : 0 – 9999999,  Material of the roof of E-Cart, if Enclosed Otherwise Put NA: Aluminium, MS, Fibre Glass of Good Quality, Combination of Fibre Glass with good Quality Metal, others
  2. Constructional Parameters: Seating Facility Front – For Driver only, Length of E -cart as per Gazette Notification by Ministry of Road and Transport Oct , 2014 (metres): Up to 2.8, Width of E -Cart as per Gazette Notification by Ministry of Road and Transport Oct, 2014 (meters) : Up to 1, Height of E -Cart as per Gazette Notification by Ministry of Road and Transport Oct , 2014 (meters) ; Up to 1.8,  Reverse Gear Facility –Yes, The Mounting of Batteries – Yes, Vehicle lighting System – Filament Type,  Instrument Panel Containing Speedometer and Battery Charging Indicator – Yes,  Glass Windshield with wiper motor as approved by ICAT/ARAI : Yes, No,  Battery Make as per AIS :048:2009:  Okaya, Exide, Ceil, Amaron, others,  Equipped with Start and Stop Button, parking Lights , Back lights with Reverse Gear Facility – Yes,  Equipped with Fire Extinguisher:  Yes, No,  Equipped with First Aid Box : Yes, No,  Yellow Color reflective tape on Front and Rear Side of the E Cart – Yes,  E Cart Integration – Yes, Type of Cabin used for Transportation of Goods;  Open, Closed
  3. Performance Parameters: Speed of the E-Cart as per CMVR -2014 with latest amndmt (to be tested with Full Load ) (kmph) – 22,  Battery Warranty in years (Years) ; 1, 2, 3,  Compliance of Centre of Gravity of E Cart as a Compulsory Norms for Safety : Yes,  Confirming to Applicable Environmental Test –Yes,  Noise level must be Low during Operation – Yes

Delivery Days: 15

Document Required :

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